Governance Structure

Region V Systems is governed by a Regional Governing Board (RGB), a local unit of government organized under the Inter-local Cooperation Act. Its authority is based on Nebraska Revised Statute §71-801 through §71-818 (Nebraska Behavioral Health Services Act, the Inter-local Agreement) and the Board’s bylaws. The Act outlines the Roles and Responsibilities for the RGB.


The RGB consists of elected officials, county commissioners or supervisors, one from each of the 16 counties in the region.  These individuals represent their county and participate in the decision making of the board.  


The RGB is by statute responsible for the development and coordination of both adult and children’s publicly funded behavioral health services within the region. The RGB appoints a regional administrator who is responsible for the administration and management of Region V Systems.


The RGB also appoints a Behavioral Health Advisory Committee (BHAC) which consists of 15 to 20 members with diverse cultural, urban, and rural characteristics, including consumers, providers, law enforcement, public schools, behavioral health professionals, faith-based organizations, the legal system, youth, probation, aging programs, and other community systems.  The role of the BHAC is to provide input and feedback, and make recommendations to the RGB regarding the provision of coordinated and comprehensive services within Region V Systems to ensure the development of a system that best meets the needs of consumers.  Its roles and responsibilities are outlined in the Nebraska Behavioral Health Services Act.