About Us

Region V Systems was originally created by state statute in 1974 with the responsibility of coordinating and overseeing the delivery of publicly funded mental health services for the 16 counties making up the  Region V geographical area. Two years later, the responsibility for the development and coordination of substance abuse services was added. In 2004, LB 1083, the Behavioral Health Services Act, was passed, repealing the original statutes but re-establishing and renaming the Regions as “Behavioral Health Authorities.”


Region V Systems is responsible for the development and coordination of publicly funded behavioral health services within its service area. Region V Systems:


-Performs comprehensive planning activities;

-Integrates and coordinates the delivery of services;

-Prepares and administers budgets;

-Monitors the system’s performance; and

-Takes corrective action when necessary.


Through these responsibilities, Region V Systems contributes to accomplishing the purpose of the goals of LB 1083, which are to ensure:


-The public safety and health of consumers;

-Consumer access to services;

-Availability of high-quality behavioral health services; and

-Cost-effective behavioral health services.


Geographical Area
Region V is located in southeast Nebraska and covers approximately 9,308 square miles. According to US Census 2008 population estimates, the region has a population of 436,512, constituting approximately 24 percent of the state's population.